Unique Care Company is one of the trusted name in the field of Designing,

Manufacturing and supplying Complete Building Maintenance Solutions. Where we as Unique Care look after design, supply of equipment, Installation, maintenance of façade cleaning equipment AMC facade cleaning, Housekeeping,Silicon Filling & Glass removal & replacements Which is termed as all services under one roof.
It has been always our focus to provide best technology, quality product, Services in terms of customer satisfaction at a competitive price.
Our Sales, engineering, Design team has more than 13 years of experience in proposing, designing, supply and successful installation of Building Maintenance Units to very well known clients.
We are very glad to inform you that in very short span we have successfully established our self as one of the promising manufacturer and supplier when it comes to “Facade Access and Cleaning Systems”
Our very strong marketing network along with high end execution team has helped us to successfully install and provide a wide range of Façade Cleaning Systems in India.
We have a strong backup support by leading European technical collaborator in this field of providing Facade Access System
As being one of the most quality and safety conscious organization we look after all the possible parameters to provide safe and quality equipment .Our system follows CE Regulation and International Standard BS EN-1808 for Safety requirements and suspended access equipment, design, calculation, stability criteria, construction tests.
Unique Care as being one of the most prompt and service oriented company is serving to some of the well known and reputed customers like -
" Grand Hyatt- Mumbai ",
" The Lalit-MUMBAI ",
" L& t Knowledge City BARODA ",
" L & T Technology Services Ltd ",
" TATA Consultancy Services Ltd-AHMEDABAD ",
" Glass Wall System Pvt Ltd-MUMBAI ",
" Sheth Developers-MUMBAI ",
" ITC Maratha-MUMBAI ",
" JLL ",
" Le Meridian-Mahabaleshwar & Square Mall Marketing & Management ".
In future we are very much sure that with our hard work and rigorous efforts we will be able to deliver our customers value product to meet their requirements and satisfaction.
We believe in a very strong relationship with our customers while providing them our best services.
We as Unique Care will be very glad to have your valued enquiry for proposing our best possible facade maintenance solutions.

Glass facade cleaning

Within our range of services we offer facade cleaning and window cleaning services. The facade of your building will leave a lasting first impression on your clients. Facade is exposed to the ravages of environment and weather, such as rain, dust, pollution etc. In order to maintain sparkling exteriors, we recommend Unique Care’s window and facade cleaning services. Regular facade cleaning and maintenance is important in order to increase the longevity of building material and maintain property value. We offer window cleaning services for every type of business including showrooms, offices, factories, schools and commercial complexes. Whatever the height of the building,  Unique Care provides an efficient, safe and high quality window cleaning service, even where access is a problem. Our service offerings include:
Facade Cleaning
Our staff our trained in cleaning different types of surfaces such as glass, plastic, stone, ACP etc. Undergoing training programme ensures better quality service, use of appropriate chemicals, increased efficiency and prevents any long term damage.
Facade Restoration
It is natural for the facade of your building to lose some of its shine over time. This can happen either due to natural wear and tear or exposure to weather and external environment. We use specialised chemicals that are capable of cleaning the glass and restore some of the natural shine, without changing the particular glass. This of course, is much more cost effective when compared to changing the glass.
Access Equipment Variance
Our staff is trained to use different equipments required for facade cleaning such as BMU Building maintenance Units, scaffolding, spider-man technique (hanging rope), cradle, platforms etc. An important aspect of facade cleaning is the health and safety of the window cleaners. Before commencing on any service, we ensure our cleaners are insured and aware of health and safety regulations.
Window cleaning Spider cleaning method Spider cleaning method Access with cherry picker
Cleaning with 1.25 m cradle Cleaning with 2 m cradle Harness and safety systems Eye bolt suspension system

Temporary and manual access system

Typical temporary suspension Platforms under operations Platform & counter weight Tsp under internal operations

Technical details

5m temporary suspended platform 6m temporary suspended platform 7m temporary suspended platform 9m temporary suspended platform
Rated load : 6.3kN
Lifting speed : 8-10m/min
Motor power : 1.5 kW
Steel wire rope diameter : 8.3mm
Used in : All models
Brand : Schneider
Rated load : 8.0kN
Lifting speed : 8-10m/min
Motor power : 1.8 kW
Steel wire rope diameter : 8.6mm
Used in : All models
Allowed compact force : Schneider
Adjusting range of
rope lock angle
: 3 °- 8 °
Rope lock distance : < 100 m
Rated load : 10.kN
Lifting speed : 8-10m/min
Motor power : 2.2 kW
Steel wire rope diameter : 8.6mm